Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What is Essentail is Invisible to the Eye-Buscaglia

Somebody saw me, Somebody touched me, Somebody felt me, Someboy cared a damn about me! You know who is this Somebody...my soul, may be god who made such , created such circumtances. It's influence each and every people who came in my life, with whom I am living, infact whatever I am observing, feeling, realizing...I was completely shattered , wrecked and was completely hopeless, couldn't feel anything, can't even smile, can't cry.....was so stupid but Somebody again Somebody came in my life woke me up, showed me the way and gave me a new life..full of hope and positive energy. New inspiration, made me look beyond a limit,made me realize what life is, what love is and from then my new life begun with a journey which I know will never end because now nobody could stop me. To feel the love around me, to give love, to make hell a heaven to live in.
People find me a small kid but I know what I am. I am happy without any personnal prejudice for any and from then really life became infact becoming beautiful, yes of course many up and down came but they came and went by. Infact many are waiting may be knocking my door;)
It's just need to be perceive in a positive way, if it makes me cry will cry my heart out but will not let it overpower me. Infact will face it with smilyyyyy:) and will wait for the naxt happily.
Now I am in Love with so many things, people almost everything even an ugly things look me somehow beautiful because it gives us a chance to learn n grow.
Sometimes i feel, I search Somebody's shoulder to cry on,to hug,to kiss,to feel that bliss and to be hugged,kissed but It's not necessarry that, that Somebody suppossed to be my Highwayman. I know even if I get my parents or a single person no matter she is girl or boy or small kid or a non living thing will never feel alone. I am here far from home to stand on my own and it's time to give all happiness and fulfill their dreams and and when I alone my diary or shweety rocky music comes for subu's rescueeeeeeee.
It's so true one has to find alternatives to keep oneself busy and happy. If I feel alone, I know I will be. So why to feel that stupid thing and cry...So better fall in love with it, learn to know yourself, enjoy the rhythm of your heart, mind and soul, balance it and feel that complete harmony.....and see life becomes beautiful that moment itself and is so beautiful.
I too think it is a mistake to ever look for hope outside of yourself. "One must finally take One's life into one's own arms and kiss it".You yourself will say then"loneliness is miracle".
Somebody again came in my life saw me, touched me,felt me,cared a damn about me and taught me so many things...yes it is other thing that I still find it not so necessarry but to survive today somewhat it is required and so I introduce that change in me and it worked like a miracle..
Thanx to all ...all people who keep on making me understand, realize and learn new wonderful things....I hope will never let you down and will be their for u all and always and if I ever become cruel then please Somebody come for my rescue;)
I am in love with this paragraph-
"An investment in life is an investment in change,when you are changing all the time, you've got to continue to keep adjusting to change, which means that you are going to be constantly facing new obstacles. That's the joy of living completely and once you are involved in the process of becoming, there is no stopping. You're doomed! you're gone! but what a fantastic journey!"
Everybody some or other point face defeat, reallity, naked truth about life which hurts badly but
people have to realize and accept and have to learn from that..Why it happenned?....Everything which happenned ,happenning and will happen happens for good.
"We have got to learn to trust again, to believe again. Ofcourse it's a risk, but everything is a risk.We need to begin to go beyond just 'being' again.We've got to get in touch with being HUMAN and there's a difference"
To Live in LOVE is to Live in Life
and to Live in Life is to Live in Love
Life is God's gift to you. The way you live your life is your gift to God.
Make it a fantastic one!:)

Today I am feeling so happy, God thank you!
I am not alone at all...hey papa,mumma,tai,sun,libu jaanu I am not missing you at all even not desiring for my stupid highwayman;). I am happy feeling so content
so satisfied...Oh God its so precious moment I am sharing here.
Hey I wish It never ends...I Love you all...alll..
short poem for everybody
you all my smile
you all my happiness
you all I
and I now know I
I of I is what
you all making of I
I of I..:)