Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thoughts are powerful than emotions.

At times it become so difficult when you have so much to say and so much to think about and more than that so much to feel at a time.

Thoughts are powerful and strong like tides but its impact can be felt only if it is given a wings of words. If only it travels and reach to the one whom you always wanted to explain.

Emotions, feeling, thoughts, doing and living are they separate thing?
If only I can save this feeling I will save it forever but if only...If only my heart means....If only there is no more pain awaits.

Sometime all look so beautiful. every thing in the world seem so beautiful and the very next moment who knows it lies in ruins.

The chemistry of language and feeling is the best chemistry which is never explained and honestly difficult to understand and is unfathomable.

-just a heart cry thought ;)