Saturday, September 25, 2010

My name is Naxalite!

Naxals or Insurgents are normal like us and appreciate people who work for the real development. It has to be visible and in their benefit. I do not even realize that i traveled to naxals belt and my father does that from almost 20 years now. It’s absolutely peaceful. Just the wrath of naxals are felt today as its long time nothing is being done except the false promise which is quite responsible in making of the naxals. In fact we should make movie named ' I am a naxalite and my name is a common man.'

Every human has a naxals in them- a feeling that is full of agony and pain and revenge. It depends on the level of suffering and the time through which it continued without an end.
Some become civilized and some become savage. World is full of beast and the beauty but even the beast are beautiful if they are heard and nurtured and appreciated.

Earlier these naxals were just a group of small people who felt that they are left out and doesn't belong to the feel of Indians. This problem exists ever since I have read the history. Earlier the problems of naxals were really genuine but due to Government constant negligence and ignorance now political people and wise people have taken the advantage and have formed it into a dangerous group which is injurious to civilians and now extended to common people, if we refer to recent incidents. Now their demands are high and also their actions not that justified but how should we compare the Common Wealth Games Corrupted Civil officers and Authority. They are the real Insurgents in disguise of a civilized and a responsible person? 

However, I believe every naxal is approachable by common people. It’s just the Government and the civilians who are unable to reach to them in a proper perspective.
These groups should add on to the man force of our country for the better present instead of a bleak future.

Why they become Naxals? What is their need? Why they cannot have a normal life and access to the good living? Many questions and enough answers and confusion.

But what I as an individual could contribute?

By visiting to unseen people and the affected area and creating a source of livelihood and real sense of development could help in the turning point of this issue. I hope a spark of realization and a true example in the heart of those who feel unheard and left out can work.
I have got my stand. What you are going to do in eradicating insurgency?

- A thought by Subrata Pandey


avinash khatua said...

u're maturing subu. ur post reflects it. ;) excellent article.

Subrata said...

thanks avio