Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Valentine only Roses and Roses for your loved ones.

I was in Chennai for an event. It was my first visit. I really liked the ancient feel of the place. The old Architecture and Monuments were eye candy to me but the one place that took my heart away was the Flower market which I spotted on my way back from the sun rise at the Besant Nagar Beach.
At the beach I saw an old giant turtle that was kicked by the waves to the seashore. Every time it was coming to the sea shore Dogs used to get their teeth on it but the mean waves snatched it every time.
It was really big and old with eyes hollow and empty. I find it ancient too.
I sat on a wooden log along with my friend and waited for the Sun to rise. In the meantime my friend told me one interesting fact about the place. Every weekend people from well off family come in their car to sell their homegrown vegetables. I was really delighted to see it.
There was a skating ground too where kids of all sizes were playing. They used to fall and rise quicker than the sun and with smiles on their faces.

I had only half a day with me and I wanted to make the best use of it.
After the beach I went to have the best tea at 'Lancy'and in its neighborhood was this amazing beautiful aromatic street full of colorful flowers Flower Bazaar, Parrys.

I remember only once i celebrated Valentine's day and that was in school :) Now I find myself too big for all this. However this trip really filled me with youthfulness again. It gave me the maddest idea for celebrating Valentine. I don't know of the Girls taste but how will i be satisfied with one red rose or one bouquet of roses or even say 10. All will be just too little in front of this flower market. I just want to be in this street till i can manage to get a dip on the basket full of all kind and colors of roses. Chennai wasn't that bad as I imagined. In fact I liked it a lot and will never mind to return to this place again and again for just being at this flower market again.
Well I forgot to carry the Camera for the Beach but then I really couldn't miss this place and wanted to carry it back with me so i went to Hotel and carried the Camera with me and came back to this place even after spending an hour. I had to be back again and spent two more hours.
Too much of words are already here. I don't want the readers to get caught in it. I have my whole experience to offer to you.

Roses rained :)



Inca Flowers!

Marigold Flowers!



Various leaves are used for adding the lush green to the Garlands.

Various type of garlands for different occasions are made here. :)

Looks like legs to me :P

 This above garland in red roses is for marriage purpose.

Banana fibers are used instead of threads for making garlands.

 I was offered so many roses for my hair. It was almost full with Roses :)

I clicked so many people as it was the simplest way to make them happy.

Flowers are sold at per kilo price.

Thank you for going through my post. Hope you enjoyed it too and could smell the flowers :)


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