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Monday, February 11, 2008



When I see Nature I find it complete in all sense. Nature is the most beautiful and perfect gift to human kind. It has everything. It is rich in every aspect. One can find complete solace in the lap of the Nature.
It gives the angelic scenes of life. Cloudy mystic weather unfolds romance in all ages of life. Dew drops infused freshness in the onlookers inside. Nature sometime touches one’s life miraculously and speak to it the unspoken words, which are invisible but yet very easily understandable. Everyone could feel it if only they can spend some time with nature.
It is the inspiration for every existence on earth. For crafts designer nature plays a vital role in design process but even a layman is deeply rooted to nature.
Today when I look back to my childhood days, I find it the most memorable phase and beautiful. Time spent in villages during summer vacations were close to nature and its beauty and from there when I try to imagine our past India. I found it greener, natural and peaceful. That past India was known as village India. I crave for that village India. Still we are lucky to have some villages saved from human curse.
Today everyone can feel that we are loosing our real India. Today Nature’s beauty has its own pathetic story. Nature which was speaking a language of love and kindness is now speaking disasters.
It is only because of too many human invasions in the heart of the Nature. We had destroyed and harmed it to our best.
Modernization, Industrialization, Nuclear Power, all this are running with a speed of light for packing nature into ready made products. They are ever ready to kill Nature in seconds. But Human biggest ignorance is that one day he has to get back to Nature. Nature is the only savior of life. We have to wake up and awaken India to spread and promote Green peace and fight against Global Warming.
Human can win over each other with there miraculous and impossible discoveries and inventions but he could never win over Nature and its disaster which is eating away many lives every second. Cyclones, Tornados, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Land slides, melting of glaciers, Heavy rainfall, unexpected weather fluctuations; it is the results of Human deeds.
Before it is too late it is an appeal to everyone to get back to nature and cultivate the culture of Green peace. Let it be the soul responsibility for every Human to save Mother Earth, not only for his mankind but as a token of love and respect to nature and to let Nature also feel that we care for them. It has already given us so much and it is never ending, but now it is the time to return and do something for saving our only existence.
I’ll request all the readers to read the articles and news related to Dr. Pachodee’s effort in working for Global peace and fight against Global warming.
Thanking you!
(from my diary-11:37pm,29/1/08)

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avinash khatua said...

hey awesome pic..hope u took it frm ur the article almost 100%... gr8 work. and who is dr. pachodee ?