Monday, February 11, 2008

What is the invisible thread that keeps the Indian together, Invisible thread that binds varied culture and together called Indian?

What is the invisible thread that keeps the Indian together, Invisible thread that binds varied culture and together called Indian?

What is essential is invisible to eyes and the question here is to find out that invisible thread that keeps us together. Before talking about Indian Culture, Culture is needed to be understood and Culture what I think is formed. It is born by living beings. We human formed it for the growth, for the scientific purpose or breeding and keeping of particular living things in order to get the substances they produce and it will not be wrong to say that it is composed and we Indian composed it well with many elements which are bonded together and is connected to one another that is the reason we cannot see it as one thing but as a composition of elements. Like tolerance, patience, humanity, sacrifice, sharing, giving, living, loving, learning, together , acceptance, faith and all this we could only feel and understand. As we all know man is a social animal because an individual cannot survive by his own and thus communities were formed. They lived together and the way they lived formed the culture and the culture is always evolved and even with times variations and change comes in it.
All together elements binded together and lead to a common goal through different paths and for achieving this goal people came together because of the need, because of the necessity.
Let see from the day when India was not republic. Since then Human beings from different area came together for a purpose and purpose underlying motive was to bring civilization, discipline, control, organization, peace, Harmony or say making life more sustainable and once purpose was achieved. They started living together and to control and bind the elements together the so formed communities or society or say way of living was destined with specific occupation depending upon the availability of resources and raw materials and the geographic conditions. Which lead to caste and vernacular system, later it took shape of political India because there was need to keep India as one united nation otherwise long back it would have segregated.
India is an Institution where feelings, faith, love, tolerance, acceptance and all elements are practiced. Which are invisible yet essential and is keeping all of us together by bringing hierarchy and discipline and to some extent setting a way of life which is liberal and free yet sacred and beautiful in many ways.
Culture and tradition came in the form of beliefs, practice, performing activities like arts and all which infused harmony, rhythm in the community/society. Across the area or border culture and tradition spread because of the common interest and interactions. So through living, loving and learning - giving and sharing came into practice.
At last I’ll say that Culture is ever-changing and always evolving and what is essential is invisible to eyes and it will not be wrong to say that It is the Indian Culture and values which is a nexus, which is a invisible thread keeping us together and bringing UNITY IN DIVERSITY.

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